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Linear Thinking 2000

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of our Store at
Metrolina Expo

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Linear Thinking 2000

We're Moving to Building 14
at Metrolina Expo

We now accept Visa and Mastercard !

The progression of creativity for your gift and home idea solutions.

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Take a Photo visit to Sandy's Corner,
a neighbor of ours at Metrolina Expo.

Linear Thinking 2000: Enrich Your Life, enliven your world.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Metrolina Expo Antiques and Collectibles this year.

We are obtaining many wonderful pieces of furniture through July 2002. These warm woods have been created into fine furniture that will grace any decor. We have some of our new pieces in the doors to the right. Step in an look around.

Visit us

Exclusively at

Metrolina Expo
Since September 2000

1700 Statesville Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28221

Building #14
Spaces # 5 & 6
The 1st Weekend of each month
and by appointment.

David Holloman
Ken Rowe

Created: 08/08/2000
Updated: 06/18/2002

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through some of
our Product pics

Night Lights !
What a wonderful

Standard Lighting !
Unique and still

Accessories !

Art Glass !

Furniture !